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What you told us

Often times Cline will receive notes or photos from wine club members and enthusiasts from around the globe. Here are a few. And if you have a story or picture you'd like to share, email it to us.


Dear Mr. Cline,
Last weekend I opened a 1997 Mourvedre – ancient vines from Contra Costa County and a 1997 Carignane – ancient vines from Contra Costa County. I have taken care to store them in a reasonably controlled environment. We had a house guest last weekend that is very fond of good wines. We all enjoyed both vintages. As I have with many of your wines, stored them a little longer than suggested and they all have still been enjoyed. It been too many years since I last visited your Sonoma tasting room. I am glad that you have reasonable distribution here in the far Northwest.

Stephen G.

I just have to send you a note about a fantastic wine my wife and I enjoyed with our dinner tonight. As I prepared our dinner my wife said she would get a bottle of wine from one of our wine chillers. She came back with a bottle that she thought we should drink because it was rather old. Much to my surprise she had a bottle of Cline Ancient Vines Zinfandel. The vintage was 2000. I told her I thought it would be over the edge. Even your description said the wine would age for up to 7 years. Wow!!!! What a surprise!!!!! The wine was great!!!!! It still had lots of fruitiness. The tannins were ever so soft. The wine still had a nice ruby color. There were no off colors (old brick) and off aromas (old wet paper, etc.). This was a truly GREAT wine. Thank you for a very very pleasant surprise.

Bill and Shirley S.
Pittsburgh, PA

I am so thrilled that you put a recipe on the back of a bottle of this wine [Ancient Vines Mourvedre]!!!! First, I love your wines and can't wait to try this one and...I LOVE Braised Lamb Shanks...so can't wait to put the two together. This is a brilliant idea. Do you have recipes on all your wines or just this one? (We have recipes on our Ancient Vines Zinfandel and Ancient Vines Carignane too)
This is a major breakthrough, as far as I am concerned. So many times one does really enjoy a wine simply because of the pairing. And that's a waste.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Wine club members Lorraine & Doug Hungerford name their new pup Cline.




"I opened a bottle of your 2007 Syrah last night, and saw a smiley face scribed into the top of the cork. It put a smile on my face (as did drinking the wine).

Cheers, Adam Cline (no relation)."


Dear Mr. Cline,
I just wanted to thank you for sponsoring the Napa to Sonoma Wine 1/2 Marathon which I travelled from Las Vegas to run. I appreciated that your old vines was being poured even with this rough economy and when I returned to Vegas I actually found some at Lee's Discount Wines. All four of us agreed that It was the best wine at the 1/2 Marathon.

Nancy B

After enjoying a bottle of your Zinfandel this evening over dinner in Austin TX, we wanted to share with you a little feedback.

We are from the UK, and last summer we were staying in San Francisco. We took a one day wine tour, and your vineyard was one of 4 that we visited - notably you are the only vineyard that made a lasting impression upon us.

In simple terms, we had a lovely day that day, we remember sitting with our small group in your gardens enjoying the generous pours provided by your convivial host. Unfortunately our travel plans meant that we could not buy any wine from you that day, however, the the time spent tasting your wines reassured us that your wine was worth seeking out and purchasing when the opportunity came.

We simply wanted to feed back to you that the impression your host made that day was a lasting one - I have lost count of the number of bottles of Cline wine we have now purchased, and we love to see your wine featuring on restaurant menus since we know that we will like what we buy.

So thank you - we weren't great customers on that day - but we are loyal customers now.

Angie and Tony J
Cambridge, UK



"We recently purchased the Cline Ancient Vines Mourvedre and found the recipe on the label for "Braised Lamb Shanks". We made the lamb this weekend and it was fantastic. Thanks for including that little gem."

Kathy S


Mr. Cline,

I am a two-time breast cancer survivor and am so appreciative of this awesome wine. After I participated in our local Relay for Life, I went to Raley’s where I found your pink ribbon Cashmere. I bought just one bottle to try and it is now my favorite! Thank you not only for creating such a fantastic wine, but also for your support of Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

Thank you Mr. Cline,
Cathy Wilson 

"This past thursday I came to Cline to the tasting room on a trip through Sonoma celebrating my birthday. I was greeted very kindly in your tasting room by Rene. He provided us with great information and was really a wonderful person to deal with. For the size of Cline and the expanse of the brand I was really pleased to find that the time is taken at the vineyards and in the tasting room to explain the product. He showed true passion for wine and for the experience of wine. As a member of the industry, I believe this is vital to the growth and development not only of the wines and the brand, but for the industry as a whole. I wanted to share my sincerest thanks for the wonderful experience and I will continue to support your wines through my retail outlet." Sincerely----

Branden K 



Hi there,
I found a last remaining bottle of 2000 Cline Live Oak Zin at the back of my wine store last weekend. I thought they’d all gone.
I opened it tonight – oh boy! What a treat! Layers and layers of beautiful plum, mulberry, sour cherry and, and, and… such silky soft tannins too! It tasted like it would have gone on for many years yet – too late, it’s gone! Just spectacular. Thank you and congratulations! You guys continue to give me the most fantastic wine experiences. My cellar is full of more expensive bottles, but time and again it’s Cline that hits the mark.

Have a great 2010,
David A



Just wanted to say thank you for hosting us yesterday (10/9/10). Before we even had one sip of your delicious wines, we explored the grounds a bit and discovered the wonderful garden behind the Mission Museum. Such a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs!

Now on to the tasting:
After being crammed into several different tasting bars from previous wineries with people voraciously eager to "drink" wine, we decided to enjoy the cool afternoon temperature, fresh air and taste under the uncrowded canopy. Barry welcomed us to his bar and began the recommendations. His friendliness, humor, and knowledge kept us engaged. We were educated on the history of Cline, vitculture and farming techniques used by Cline Cellars, Green String Farms, and not to forget the flavor profiles of each wine we sampled. We ended up purchasing a few bottles, one of which was opened that night.

This was our second trip to wine country and Cline has definitely made it onto our list of wineries to recommend and visit again.

Thank you again,
Charles A




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